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IMPROVE-IT Study Results: An Incremental Improvement

The results of the IMPROVE-IT trial were finally revealed this November during the American Heart

Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions in Chicago. The trial itself remains highly controversial, and its long-

awaited results may set precedence for new therapies in the future and possibly even changes to the clinical … Read More

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IMPROVE-IT Proves that with LDL, Lower is Most Definitely Better

The IMPROVE-IT verdict is in and it will change the practice of cardiovascular disease prevention. For the first time, a non-statin medication has been shown to reduce cardiovascular events (including stroke and MI) when added to a statin. Achieving an LDL level of 53 vs 70 by the end of the trial’s first year translated … Read More


2014 FH Global Summit – Bridging the Gaps in Care of Familial Hypercholesterolemia

The Second Annual FH Global Summit took place in New York City October 13-14.  The FH Foundation convened a group of 140 doctors, patients, researchers, and industry representatives all focussed on finding and treating people with familial hypercholesterolemia in order to save lives.  It was a resounding success, … Read More

Left: Athanasios Pallidis (Greek FH Association) Right: Christian Jacobs (FH Foundation)

2014 FH Global Summit thoughts from Christian Jacobs, FH Foundation Board Member and HoFH Advocate for Awareness

It truly is amazing to think that The FH Foundation was formed just three years ago and now here we are wrapping up the Second Annual FH Global Summit. As a patient, it is exciting and encouraging to see physicians, researchers, pharmaceutical companies, patients, and caregivers come together to help push forward in … Read More

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New service launched to help families with inherited risk of heart disease

Dr Adrian Mairs, Consultant in Public Health Medicine at the PHA and public health lead for the programme, said: “Northern Ireland is one of the first countries that have an organised system for identifying people with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia. Our aim is to identify everyone with this genetic disorder so that … Read More