The FH Foundation is on a missions dedicated to education, advocacy, and research of all forms of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH).

Our Corporate Sponsors are supporting the FH Foundation in its efforts to raise awareness and save lives of those with FH.  Their contributions help fund programs, which encourage and advocate for increased knowledge of FH, earlier diagnosis, optimum treatment, and enhanced scientific understanding of this disease.

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In order to address this urgent unmet medical need the FH Foundation is launching FIND FH™ (Flag, Identify, Network, Deliver). The FIND FH™ Initiative will utilize advanced analytics including machine learning to identify individuals with probable FH. The FH Foundation will then work with health care providers to diagnose those with definite FH. Once diagnosed, an individual with FH and their potentially affected family members will be able to opt into patient support services including a national FH registry, CASCADE FH™.  


CASCADE FH stands for CAscade SCreening for Awareness and DEtection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia. This nationwide patient registry is a uniquely designed database, which collects information on patients with FH via two pathways. The clinician portal allows healthcare providers to enter clinical information on individuals affected by FH, while the patient portal allows patients to enter information about their experience with this disease. This hybrid model allows for the gaining of insight into disease patterns, therapy trends, and quality of life. The collected data (secure, HIPAA-compliant and de-identified) enables scientific research of FH, which translates into better care and improved health outcomes.