The FH Foundation is a patient-centered, research and advocacy organization dedicated to improving early diagnosis and encouraging proactive care of familial hypercholesterolemia

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Casey’s Story – A Family History of Heart Disease
7 February, 2018 Comments

Each year, the FH Foundation trains individuals with FH and family members to become FH Advocates. The FH Advocates for Awareness help us achieve our mission of raising awareness and saving lives, through work and outreach in their local and online communities. On January 30th, we graduated our newest class, and Casey … VIEW ARTICLE

FDA Approves Evolocumab to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke
4 December, 2017 Comments

On December 1, the FDA approved evolocumab (Repatha, Amgen) for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, and coronary revascularization in adults with established cardiovascular disease (CVD), as well as for the treatment of adults with primary hyperlipidemia to decrease LDL-C. This is in addition to the original approval … VIEW ARTICLE

FH Community in Action
30 November, 2017 Comments

The FH Community in Action is made up of individuals with FH and the medical professionals who treat them. Through the FH Foundation, we work together to raise awareness, support our members, drive research, and advocate for improved diagnosis and care.

Join us to help drive the change you want to see for families … VIEW ARTICLE