Join us at the 2020 FH Global Summit

There is only one conference entirely devoted to the care and treatment of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) – the FH Global Summit. Each year, this invitation only event brings together unique voices to inspire and advent change.

Summit brings together experts in FH, precision medicine, and public health to imagine new solutions alongside Nobel Laureates, clinical practitioners, individuals with FH and industry. Summit 2020 will be convened as a series of monthly webinars focused on driving new solutions to prevent heart disease. Each attendee is selected because of their unique view of the world and the contribution they can make.

FH can’t wait. Individuals with FH are in a race against time. The FH Foundation believes that collectively we can develop the solutions to stop premature heart disease.

Join us to become part of the change.

FH Global Summit Global Delegates


Joshua W. Knowles
Daniel J. Rader


Mary McGowan
Katherine Wilemon

More to be announced soon!


Why Join

The virtual FH Global Summit is your opportunity to watch thought-provoking talks, see the latest science and innovation and network with colleagues from around the world— all in one place! Hear what previous attendees had to say and plan to join us virtually in 2020. Don’t miss out! Interested in hearing more? You can watch select talks from previous summits and view last year’s slide summary here.

FH Summit Experience

The FH Global Summit bridges the gap between science, clinical practice and the general public by sharing data and perspectives that inform, inspire and create action across a broad, passionate FH community. Our annual event brings the world together to focus on what’s new and important in familial hypercholesterolemia, medicine and public health. Our virtual monthly webinar series will provide multiple opportunities to connect and learn about the latest research from specialists in FH. Our co-chairs and global scientific steering committee help us organize an annual event like no other.


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