FH Advocate Sharon Perko shares her story with cardiologists at Penn Medicine

Our dedicated FH Foundation Advocate, Sharon Perko, helped raise awareness of familial hypercholesterolemia by sharing her family’s story at a FH grand round lecture at the Pennsylvania Presbyterian Medical Center (Philadelphia, PA). Drs. Daniel Rader, Emil deGoma and Douglas Jacoby, all hailing from University of Pennsylvania,  presented the clinical aspects of FH and its treatment in front of an audience of 30-40 medical professionals. Their presentations were followed by Sharon’s talk on what it’s like to live with FH, the journey of getting diagnosed, and the burden of living with a chronic condition. The FH Foundation’s mission and biggest initiative, the CASCADE FH patient registry, were also a focus of Sharon’s presentation.

The FH Foundation would like to thank Penn Presbyterian for giving Sharon the opportunity to show the face and voice of FH at this educational meeting. We also thank Sharon for the excellent preparation and presentation.

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