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FIND FH® Lab & Claims Algorithm Developed by The FH Foundation
Claims Data Source: IMS Health Real World Data: LRx longitudinal prescriptions and Dx medical claims
FIND FH® is not screening or diagnosing FH. That is the sole responsibility of the health care provider.
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The FH Foundation has created a machine-learning FIND FH algorithm that analyzes medical and insurance records to identify probable FH patients with profiles consistent with FH. Over 350 variables, including diagnosis codes, procedure codes, prescription codes, lab values, gender and age, were evaluated on over 221 million Americans (children and adults) with or at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Through a partnership with a national claims vendor, the FH Foundation can identify patients with probable FH in a HIPAA compliant manner, ensuring that clinicians are alerted to probable FH patients in their practice while patient identities remain de-identified to the foundation.

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Familial hypercholesterolemia or FH is a common life-threatening genetic disorder that leads to early and aggressive heart disease. Recent studies suggest 1 in 250 people have FH, yet over 90% have not been diagnosed.
How FIND FH® works?
FIND FH® utilizes machine learning technology to analyze insurance and medical record data to create algorithms that identify medical records that contain features consistent with a person having FH for further screening.
Apply the power of advanced data analytics to your practice: identify medical records with key features of FH.
The CASCADE FH™ Registry is the only national registry for patients with FH in the U.S.
View FH scientific abstracts and publications by the FH Foundation
Order free patient education resources for your practice.

Clinical Partners

  • Stanford Medicine
  • University of Pennsylvania Health System
  • The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
  • Geisinger Health System