Join us for FH Awareness Day

FH Awareness Day (est. 2012) is a campaign initiated by the FH Foundation to raise awareness of FH in the general public. This annual event is held on the September 24th, during National Cholesterol Education Month. Previous FH Awareness Day campaigns consisted of community outreach through local Patient Advocate events and media kit distribution to FH Foundation Affiliates. Social media campaigns, such as “Tweet-a-thons” with FH experts and FH patients are used to broaden the reach to an international audience.

Click here to download our FH Awareness Day Media Kit.

September 24th Tweet-a-ThonFHAwarenessDay_TweetathonFBPost_2016-01We will raise awareness of familial hypercholesterolemia worldwide on September 24th during our 4th annual #KnowFH Tweet-a-Thon.

The panelists are:
Dr. Seth J. Baum, Dr. Pablo Corral, Dr. James Underberg, and Katherine Wilemon

Join us on the day! (4PM PST, 7PM EST)

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Tweet-a-Thon Panelists

SethBaumSeth Baum, MD
Preventive Cardiology
Boca Raton, FL
PabloCorralPablo Corral, MD
Instituto de Clinica Medica
Buenos Aires, Argentina
JamesUnderbergJames Underberg, MD
NYU Langone Medical Center
New York, NY
KatherineWilemonKatherine Wilemon
The FH Foundation
Pasadena, CA

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